Introducing Willerby’s GreEN Standard

Holiday homes market leader Willerby is introducing a new, ground-breaking standard specification
for its models to cut their carbon emissions, make them more energy efficient and cheaper to run.
Willerby is the first UK holiday homes manufacturer to introduce any kind of sustainability standard
and the only one to offer a green build specification across the board.
Willerby’s new GreEN Standard will apply to all static caravans manufactured from October 2022 ^
and will be adopted in the design and production of all future new models.
The change is the most significant innovation in the holiday homes industry since the introduction of
double glazing and central heating.
It’s a key part of Willerby’s drive to put sustainability firmly at the heart of all its design processes
and manufacturing operations and reinforces the company’s status as the UK holiday homes brand
The GreEN Standard will reduce the energy consumption of Willerby’s holiday homes by up to 28% ^^
compared to models built to the previous specification.
The new standard will mean Willerby’s holiday homes …
● Are inherently more sustainable.
● Consume less energy.
● Are cheaper to run.
● Will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
● Will emit at least 250kg less carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere every year – the
equivalent of driving 1,350 miles in an average petrol or diesel car.


Willerby has carried out comprehensive research into the carbon impact of its holiday homes in
order to understand how this can be reduced. This included calculating the embodied carbon –
emissions associated with materials and processes during manufacture – as well as the carbon
footprint of holiday homes once in use.
As a result, Willerby’s new GreEN Standard incorporates:
● A 100% increase in the thickness of exterior walls ^^^.
● Upgraded insulation in the walls, floors and roof.
● Addition of “low emissivity” argon gas-filled double glazing, which emits low levels of radiant
heat energy, to all windows and glazed exterior doors.



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All statements above are correct when GreEN Standard holiday homes are compared to an equivalent pre-2023 EN1647 Holiday Home Specification unit

^ Due to pitch constraints our Ashurst models will not be built to the GreEN Standard specification.
^^ Figure based on a Brookwood 40ft x 12ft three-bedroom model and 90 days occupancy. Saving based on 18p per kwh.
^^^ 12ft holiday homes only